Invest in you

your imagination and time are your greatest gifts, we believe both should be in your control

grow your income

grow your impact

grow your independence

working with us

at gift, we use property development to help you grow your income and turn your desires into reality.

we want to see you prosper, and make the best use of your time and money so you can positively impact your life now, in retirement, and/or create a legacy for loved ones.

investing in property has made thousands of people become more financially secure.

create financial independence

at the heart of everything we do

financial independence is about having more choices

money itself is neutral, just a piece of paper, yet it has the ability to keep you trapped in a potentially unhappy situation or to set you free.

at gift, we want you to feel more aware, capable, and secure; leverage our expertise, time, and network to support you on your path.

create investments that bring you money in, month by month or year by year, whether you work for it or not.

it feels good to take charge of your own financial well-being

…pay attention to your imagination and you will discover all you need to be fulfilled - Albert Einstein famously said

money multiplier system

investing in property offers independence and has helped thousands of people become financially secure, but it does take time, knowledge, and a supportive network around you

our three pathways enable you to choose the best path for you

our returns pathway, helps you grow your income without having to spend your own time learning how to do it or managing the projects yourself

our own pathway, project management and on-going mentoring support is here to help you make the required changes, implement what you have learnt, and/or manage the process for you

our learn pathway, is for those who want to learn more and see if it inspires them. be great to see where we could potential work together in the future

“today is your opportunity to build the tomorrow you want”

ken poirot

our gift partners


“I feared that I wouldn’t have enough money in retirement. I had money in the bank that I knew wasn’t doing anything. I felt like I needed to take control and change things. I am now earning 8% through gift’s money multiplier system as well as investing in forex currency market. I now feel more in control and on track towards my retirement and lifestyle goals.


“I got myself into debt with high-cost property training and my first refurbishment project. Kate helped me to completely break down and rebuilt my relationship with money. Her help, guidance, and belief in me meant I was able to finish my house, pay off ALL my debts and still have a good chunk of money left over to invest again.


"A pay-out I received from the sale of some company shares ended in the bank not doing anything. I know it should be doing more but didn’t know where to start, nor did I have the time to investigate. Kate inspired me with her investment opportunities and helped me to earn 8% through gift’s money multiplier system. Plus, referred me to financial planning consultant who is supporting me to invest in other areas as well.

"make the best use of your time now so you can positively impact your life"

returns pathway

hands-off hassle-free property investing

how does it work?

1. we get to know each other: learn more about you, your circumstances, and what you are wanting to achieve, plus, talk you through our ways of working and investment strategies.

2. tailor an investment plan: you decide how much you want to invest, and over what term, you can expect to receive cashflow, or annual lump sum payments.

3. opportunities: we manage the whole process, source, negotiate, purchase, refurbish, and refinance, or sell at the higher value, allowing us to extract your capital and any profits.

4. investor capital: invested into projects, at an agreed interest rate to fund the purchase or refurbishment works, an investment agreement is drawn up to document agree terms / security.

5. investor funds returned: you get your original capital back plus all agreed interest, on your anniversary date(s) in line with your investment agreement.

“why face reality when you can create reality”

abraham hicks